Clown Secret Stealth Mission

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Description of Clown Secret Stealth Mission

Welcome US army secret agent. You are ex army soldier and now you are a part of secret services. You are a top secret agent and very trained and skilled killer. You are not entering in a game you are going to experience a real world secret agents missions. So get ready to fight with street criminals, thug mafias and drug lords. Some missions are like prison escape games. So Plan & execute your escape plan successfully in this thrilling survival action filled prison escape missions. Clown Secret Stealth Mission allows you to play as a super hero who has been captured by villain terrorist enemies. Escape from the villain’s prison & take down all the villains including street thugs, terrorists & mafia gangsters to save your city. This is the best killer clown game ever with a little twist of secret agent us army missions.

Well you are thinking why the clown outfit. Well you heard the news of clown terror and clown criminal gangsters terrifying young kids and adults. They are not just terrifying people. They are the real crime lords of the city. You are going to change your identity as a clown and join their group. In this way you can reach to the main joker clown which is the boss of clown gang. Kill all of them and stop all the criminal activities planned by these joker clown gang. You are a real super hero with stealth identity. Stealthy way is the best way to capture these criminals. Clown Secret Stealth Mission is a stealth mission action packed thrilling game of 2017.

Your first job is to join the gang and develop trust of joker gang master. While you are in the gang don't forget your duty of saving civilians life and keeping peace in the city. Use your stealth skills and stop all the evil plans prepared by these villains. In some missions you were on a secret mission in enemy’s country, stealing the important information about the arm forces, the defense system, rebels and the underworld empire, when things went wrong and you got arrested. The enemy knows that you have all the information you required, they can't sentence you to death before investigation and evidences. Here you have a chance to make an escape's. The puppets of the government; police, secret agency and other law enforcement agencies are after you. Stay away from the CCTV cameras and keep cover in the shadow for stealth. It's not only the matter of your survival but also the matter of national security.

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Good App Guaranteed!

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